A creative combination of some favorite plants; a name which came through lots of prayer; a husband-wife duo whose joyful artistry and steady expression of life and love and walking with God is about to rock your soul.

Alternative, Emotive, Folk-Rock Duo, Modern Psalmists, Artistic Music Ministers

The Hollybells are Paul and Marnie Stebner, long-time artists, worship leaders and current outreach pastors at Faith Worship Community in Southern, CA. The Stebners have channeled solid musicianship, vibrant style, and a depth of expression that only comes from following Christ with the passion and persistence of a lifetime. Their latest release“Modern Psalms* comes as the next step after experiences in numerous bands, raising a family, and in riding out the ebb and flow of daily life together. They hope that their music can encourage those who hear it and draw many into deeper connection with the God who gives life.

Paul’s background: his father was an orphan from Eastern Europe who immigrated to Canada and blasted railroad tunnels on the Canadian railroad, who later became a Teamster in So. Cal. Paul discovered his love for music in the late 70s and would fall asleep with his headphones on almost every night. Via the influence of a local radio show, his music taste turned to punk rock in the 1980s…He was looking for raw reality but found Jesus instead.

“Seekers of musical adventure…unique, deep, eclectic, yet accessible” – Paul

Marnie’s background: grew up with a father who was a minister during the Jesus People Movement of the 1970s. She lived on a commune type retreat center which was frequented by missionaries and hippies – complete with a Purple-Daisy Bus which was a Sunday School classroom. Her favorite times were spent in her family’s empty church making up songs on piano or guitar and crafting necklaces out of deer antlers.

“This is who we are: Lovers of God (FIRST), Lovers of Music. What we do: combine the two loves.” – Marnie

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